Shawn Turns 40!

Everyone that knows me would expect me to share that my “older” brother celebrated his 40th Birthday on March 24th! :) I always have to rub it in that he’s older than me. I guess that’s because I do seem to look older, or as I prefer to say, more mature! Ha! We have posted a few pictures from his “surprise” party, so you can check them out on our photos page!

I also wanted to be sure to get him a cool gift for this very monumental day… and since we are both huge Duck Dynasty fans I couldn’t think of anything better than a Willie Robertson beard! (I went with the Uncle Si version since it matches my hair better.) Hope this picture puts a smile on your face!

Shawn & Tim with Duck Dynasty Beards

One Response to Shawn Turns 40!

  1. Jeff Made says:

    where did you get the uncle si beard