As you can see, we have designated a special place on our site for prayer requests, our testimonies of how God has answered our prayers and encouragement to each other in our Christian life. We want this to be a place for you to be uplifted and strengthened and for you to know that others share in your struggles and burdens.

We know that your prayers are effective because we feel them and they affect our lives, and so we encourage all of you to share with us and each other. What are you praying for? What would you like everyone to help you pray about? How has God answered your prayers?

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  1. Tim Dill says:

    I would like to ask you to pray for our friend Jake Willis. He is 14 years old and was born with spina bifida. He has been confined to a wheel chair his entire life. He knows more about Southern Gospel Music than anyone else I know and is a GREAT person! Jake is currently at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis dealing with complications of a blood clot on his brain. Please pray for Jake and his entire family during this time!

  2. sarah Johnson says:

    I am praying for Jake… Do you have any update?

    • Tim Dill says:

      He is still at Le Bonheur. He had surgery on Monday to remove the blood clot. Shawn & LeeAnn are going tonight to see them…so we should have more information later on tonight. Thanks for the prayers!

  3. Shawn Dill says:

    LeeAnn and I went to see Jake last night and he really needs our prayers. The shunts are working fine but there is a great danger for infection and the pressure level in his head is not stable. Jeff text me this morning on said he had some more seizures last night and his fever is hard to control. They are having to cover him with ice packs because the tylenol is not working and the ventalator is having problems. Please continue to pray for Jake and I’ll keep you posted when I get more info.

  4. Jennifer T says:

    Shawn, Thanks for the update.

  5. BARBARA COE says:

    Hey guys,sorry I missed you at Macon Road,don’t know how I let that slip by me!Thanks for the opportunity to share prayer requests-I have a fellow member at Schoolfield Baptist,James Lawson,who has been diagnosed with leukemia.He has had one round of chemo,for a week straight,and we have to wait a few days before he can find out if he is in remission.If he’s not,that means another round of chemo and it is soooo hard on the body!I wish everyone would please pray for him and his wife Belinda that they will not lose their faith and remember that God WILL carry him through this!Thanks!!!

  6. Jack Sams says:

    Attended your concert at Macon Road & thoroughly enjoyed it. Ask for your prayers for my sister in law Barbara Prater who is facing some major back problems & considering surgery. Pray that the doctor will have the knowledge & guidance of God to take care of her properly. God bless.

  7. Niki Burross says:

    We added Jake to our prayer list at church.. we have been praying for him at home too. do we have a new update?

    • Tim Dill says:

      This is a text message that I received from Jake’s dad last night…”Jake is still in ICU on ventelator. He has bladder and lung infections. Drains in his brain are working well getting the blood out and he may have the other shunt surgery the first of next week. Thanks for your prayers…” Jeff

  8. Sonya K. Neisler says:

    Is Jake from Huron, TN between Lexington and Jackson? If so my Dad use to Pastor at Huron Baptist Church and we got to know him through my Dad. We will be praying for him as well. I believe he attending the Church with his Grandparents. Mrs. Sonya K. Neisler

  9. Jennifer Tubbs says:

    I would like to ask y’all to pray for my friend’s marriage..the devil is trying to wreck her marriage and her family. Thanks.

  10. Jake Willis says:

    This is Jake. I am at home. I have been home since September 2nd. I’m doing fine. I still have some memory issues but my parents said that the doctors gave me some medication to make me not remember the really bad stuff. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers.

    God Bless

  11. Jake Willis says:

    Hey eveyone,
    This is Jake. I have been home for almost two weeks. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers.
    God Bless.

  12. Kathie Isaacson says:

    Please pray for my uncle Jimmy Skinner and his family. He is only fifty years old and found out about three weeks ago the he has stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer. They live in Roseland, Indiana. The doctors only gave him eight months to a year to live, but GOD is the great physian.

    We are from the Church of God in Danhonega, Georgia

  13. Jake Willis says:

    Hey everybody, this is Jake, I have been home for about 3 weeks. Thanks for your prayers.

  14. Jeff Willis says:

    Thanks to everybody who has been praying for Jake. He is home from the hospital now after 62 days and 8 Brain surgeries. He is getting his strength back and improving every day. He still has some problems with short term memory, but that is getting better. Please continue to pray for him. God has shown lots of people his power through this ordeal and we know he has a purpose for everything. God Bless You all. Jeff Willis

  15. Susan Henson says:

    Please pray for my dad Cecil Henson, he will be going back to Nashville on Dec 2 for surgery to have part of his kidney removed. He has a half dollar size mass on it and yes he is still playing and singing at church. God Bless

    • Susan Young says:

      Hi Susan,
      I hope your father is well.
      I am trying to locate a Cecil Henson about his age who was in the Coast Guard. My boyfriend has spoken of such fond memories, and we are now living in Tennessee. He would really love to reconnect.
      Thank you kindly for any assistance.

  16. Dehlia Bazzell says:

    Please pray for my friend Kellie Crnkovich. She recently moved to Tennessee from California. Hoping to start a fresh new life. She is finding things to be very difficult finding a job, being away from the only home she ever new and all her family. I ask that you pray that God’s will be done and that she follows the direction of the Lord. Thank you and God Bless

  17. I would like for you and your family to pray that my husband will be able to get a job to support his family.

    We havw two young children and a third one on the way on 5-5-10. Are daughter Sarah is three and are son Adam is nine months almost ten months on the 28th of this month.

    We are having another girl-her name is Olivia Lee.

    Christopher and Jessica-Ericson- Harris
    718 Northside Court Connersville, Indiana 47331

  18. montana barnes says:

    i would like for you all to pray for me and my family as we go through tough times with my oldest daughter. a couple of months ago she went to live with her real dad and it has been hard for me to cope with. this mother’s day was real hard for me cause she never called me to tell me happy mother’s day mommy. she has told me that she didnt want to move back to harrison arkansas and that she didnt want to live with me anymore. it is hard for me to deal with it at the moment but with God’s help i will get through it but i will have to say that i still have him on my side and i still have one other daughter.
    i really enjoyed the concert i saw at red oak baptist church in harrison arkansas. you all really have lifted up my spirits. thanks again for the messages through the songs.

    • montana barnes says:

      i just wanted to say that my oldest daughter did call me late that night on mother’s day but like i said she still don’t want to live with me. also still pray for us as we continue to find jobs (husband and i) it is really hard for us to find one but like i said with God’s help we will find one.

  19. Danette says:

    I first heard your group in Fairfield, Ohio at the First Church of God. I would like to know that name of that song that Pastor Elliott likes you to sing each time and then get a copy of the cd.

    I usually never ask for prayer reqests. I know that God has always been there for me and my family. In 2001 my husband was in a bad car accident. Since then we have had way more than our share of bad luck. I am so worn out and feel like I just want to give up. Now we are in a house that has problems and we just want to sell and get out. Please put us on your prayer chain and keep praying so I don’t give up.

    My best friend at work went crazy the other day and they took her to the hospital and now she is off work for awhile. I know other people have it bad but I am at the point where I just want to quit and give up.

    Thank you for listening and if you ever come back to Fairfield – I would love to hear you sing Calling on Angels…. but I would still like to know that name of that one song you sing for Pastor Elliott (such as great person) and such a great church.


  20. April Maness says:

    I have recently been reaching out more and more for prayers with my relationship with my husband, but these days I really want to focus on him. He has been in the Army for 5 years, one tour to Iraq, and now he is getting medically discharged. I am so worried for him, not just for what being deployed did to him, but his relationship with God. The Army life is not an easy one, especially when your never with you family, and your life is 100% to your country. He was told in basic you first serve your country, then everything comes after. He did just that. He won’t admit it, but he has lost his relationship with God. He cares more about what people think than what is right. He will be home in a few months, and I want to do everything I can to help him, but I don’t want to push him away. Please pray for him and I really need the strength to help him. I have a supportive family and church family, I am already blessed, but the more people that pray I feel like maybe David has a better chance of being saved again, before he is to far gone.

  21. Kim Moore says:

    I would like for u to pray for my daughter Brittany Hurst she is at the age of 13 yrs old and she’s got a lot of stuff going through her mind that she wants to kill herself and that she doesn’t like her dads girlfriend that she wants to kill her and i’m just worried about her and she just needs help and i would like for u to pray for her cuz she needs help and that her father is not giving her any attention and maybe that’s why she has these thoughts going in to her head….but i don’t know and i’m trying to find help for her cuz she wont tell me anything on whats going through her mind or communicate with again please pray for her…thanks….Love u guys and miss ya’ll

  22. Earl Wallace says:

    Pray for me and Tracy,my sister.We’re both unemployed & need jobs with benefits.I work @ Conoco-Phillips,but Kelly Svcs.pays my salary.I want to get on your mailing list so my church can pray for you.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!Take care and God Bless!!

  23. Larry Shively says:

    Praying for you all here in Marion, Indiana. It is cold and I am listening to your music as I type. Look forward to seeing you all again someday. Blessings and peace to warm you all.
    Brother In Christ,

  24. Pam Lewis says:

    Tim, Bridgette, Shawn & LeeAnn,
    we need your payers as well as your followers. Jimmy Lee (Ben’sister Kathy’s husband)is not doing well at all. I believe he has lost around 40lbs in 5 or 6 wks. He was in the hospital in Alma for a few days, they moved him to Waycross, Waycross has moved him to St. Vincent in Jacksonville, Fla. His kidneys shut down and they had to put him on dialysis. They are running more tests but for now his diagnosis is Vascular Intestional Polypeptide Syndrome (Pancreas cancer). We need a miracle!!
    Also Ben’s sister Janice Helton is in very bad shape. There is something wrong with her heart but what scares me is she has the symptoms Ben had when he passed. She is nauseated day & night and is so weak she can hardly stand. She has sit to cook. Please help us pray for 2 miracles this week.
    Thank you for staying our friends/family. We all Love the entire Dill family with their parents also.
    I pray also that all of you continue to be blessed and your children as well.

    love you all,
    “Lil Darling”
    Pam Lewis

  25. Jessica Ericson says:

    I would like for you to pray for my eighty year old grandma Irene Ericson. She lives in Hammond, Indiana. She took a bad fall. Pray she heals better

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